mandag 28. april 2014

Seminar for unge komponister!

European Seminar for Composers: apply now!

Spread the word among friends, composers and interested people: this is a unique opportunity!

Feniarco, in collaboration with European Choral Association - Europa Cantat and Arcova - Valle d'Aosta, organises the 8th masterclass for composers, aspiring composers who are interested in choral music and to choir conductors who had previous experiences on writing and elaboration in Aosta from 20th to 26th July 2014.
Great international lecturers, two choirs-in-residence (a mixed adult choir and a children's choir) always at participants' disposal for rehearsing and putting into sound their new pieces, a final concert with original selected compositions.
The course is open to a maximum number of 21 active participants (7 for each workshop); listeners are accepted without number limit.

The proposed workshop for 2014 are:

Workshop on composing, elaboration and arranging
director Vytautas Miškinis (Lithuania)
The aim of the workshop is the realisation of an original score for choir or an elaboration-arrangement for choir, starting from musical material gathered from folk and cultivated musical traditions.

Workshop on arranging for vocal pop and jazz
director Philip Lawson (UK)
In this workshop all useful elements for making a vocal pop and jazz arrangement will be looked into. From the technical point of view, harmony, voice and vocal lines aspects will be studied.

Workshop on composing for children’s choir
director Piero Caraba (Italy)
From choosing a text to the composition on words, from reflections on the language to the composing techniques, taking into account the different musical styles and repertoire. Special attention will be given also to some basic principles of music pedagogy.

Workshop on experimentation-performing
directors Davide Benetti (mixed choir) (Italy) and Luigina Stevenin(children's choir) (Italy)
In this workshop two choirs-in-residence will study and perform the pieces composed by participants of the three workshops on composition. here will be a mixed choir and a children’s choir working on the delicate issue of the passage from score to performance.


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