tirsdag 26. mars 2013

5. Grieg international Choir Festival

Festival/konkurranse for barne-, ungdoms- og voksenkor i Bergen til høsten. Festivalen har også en egen solistkonkurranse for unge stemmer.

Mer informasjon om festivalen på www.griegfestival.no og på Facebook

Tvi, tvi!

mandag 25. mars 2013

Ung i Kor gratulerer Skedsmo Voices!

Gull og sølv til Skedsmo Voices i internasjonal korkonkurranse!

Vokalensemblet til Skedsmo Voices tok både gull og sølv i korkonkurransen Young  Prague 2013, som gikk av stabelen denne helgen. 15 unge korister fra Skedsmo Voices reiste til Praha som eneste kor fra Norge for å måle seg med utenlandske kor. Det var deltakere fra alle verdensdeler og ungdommene fra Skedsmo møtte store kor som Traverse City West Senior High School Choral-Aires fra USA og Puellae et Pueri fra Tsjekkia, samt andre kor fra Slovenia, Island og Sverige, men dommerne lot seg imponere over den rene klangen og det varierte og spennende repertoaret fra skedsmokoret. 

Vokalensamblet deltok i to kategorier; Mixed Choir og Spiritual, Gospel, jazz and pop, og sang seg til en sølvplass i klassen for mixed choir. Dommerne måtte imidlertid gi seg helt over når koret serverte Fredrik Otterstads arrangement av Griegs Dovergubbens hall og gospellåta Wade in the water i klassen for rytmisk musikk/ spiritual og Gospel. Når Skedsmoungdommen avsluttet et improvisert potpurri over norske folketoner var seieren sikret. I tillegg til korkonkuransen sang Skedsmo Voices konsert i en fullsatt St. Nicholas Chuch i hjertet av Praha. Koret imponerte og det var mange godord i kjølvannet av seieren. Vokalensamblet er også invitert på gjenvisitt til flere kor i Tsjekkia.

Skedsmo voices ble startet av Dirigent Ingrid Danbolt i 2005. På 7 år har koret vokst til å bli et stort kormiljø vi kjenner fra flere konsertarrangementer og ikke minst musikalen Dropout, som har blitt vist både i Lillestrøm, Lørenskog og i Den Norske Opera. Vokalensamblet er en gruppe av de eldste i koret og som gjerne ”strekker seg litt lengre” for å nå sine mål. Og som de har vist: det gir resultater.

fredag 22. mars 2013

Korfestival i Hellas, 5.-14.juli 2013

From July 5 to 14, 2013

The International Festival of Karditsa is a leading artistic event in Greece and worldwide due to its unique regulation. The philosophy of the Festival aims not only at the artistic approach but also at a musical-pedagogical, social and even more at a political rapprochement of the different countries of the participating choirs. The steady ambition of the Festival is to promote the choral music and let old monophonic and polyphonic music be discovered by conductors, singers and audience. 

From July 5 to 14, 2013 it will be held the 31th International Festival of Karditsa which is dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) for the 200 years since his birth, Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) for the 100 years since his birth and Richard Wagner (1813-1883) for the 200 years from his birth, who this year celebrates all the choral world.
The Choral Festival of Karditsa, in which have taken place leading choirs from all over the world, great orchestras and prominent soloists, it is organized since 1983 in Karditsa and it is a premier cultural event, that is implemented under the artistic direction of Conductor, Prof. Nikos Efthimiadis. As additional features, it includes a regulation that might be unique on a global scale, because it ensures the simultaneous realization of many first performances on demand by Greek and foreign composers helping on that way the contemporary music creation. Also, it provides a very large number of performers, who come from every corner of Europe and the world.

  The originalities of the Festival in the world are:
1.    The choirs that are taking part are required to present specific works under the control of an International Committee, which is composed of recognized value foreign and Greek conductors, representatives of the various music schools.
At the end of each evening, in a special discussion with the jury, the directors of the choirs receive suggestions for improvement etc.
2.    The choirs are forced ​​to perform and interpret among other works ancient Greek, Byzantine, Gregorian and Modern Greek music.
3.    At the end of each evening, all the choirs’ together or selected members, interpret a work of Greek or foreign composer at first performance, that is conducted every time a member of the International Jury. In this way the conductors and choirs, Greek and foreign, have the opportunity to work together for a better preparation of joint projects, to work laboratory under the direction of distinguished conductors to a very interesting but unknown works reaping many technical benefits, while renewing and their repertoire.
4.    These works of Greek and foreign composers are written by order for the International Festival of Karditsa specifically.
5.    The INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF KARDITSA includes many other events consisting of: evenings of opera, symphonic music, religious music at the monastery of Corona, bands performances, exhibitions of paintings and engravings etc.

For the first time worldwide the Byzantine and ancient Greek music, participate equally with Gregorian chant and Renaissance polyphony.

Another choral obligation is to perform works by 15th and 16th century, so it gives to the choirs the opportunity to study and deepen to the masterpieces of classical polyphony. Apart from the works of romantic composers, they undertake to perform works by contemporary Greek composers and traditional country music.

For the success of the event help the Municipality of Karditsa, the Regional Section of Karditsa (Thessaly), the Metropolis Thessaliotidos and Fanariofersalon, and the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Choirs and Choral Directors.

The Festival is held at the Municipal Theatre of Karditsa including concerts at other sites in the wide area (open theatres, parks, markets, monasteries, sites at “Nikolaos Plasteras” lake, Cathedral of Karditsa etc).

For more information about Regulation and Registration for those who are interested can be addressed to the Secretariat of the Festival:

Kolokotroni and Hydra 38,   
PC 43100 Karditsa
Tel : 24410 - 75440, 24410 – 42896
Fax : 24410 – 21970
Email: nke@otenet.gr

torsdag 21. mars 2013

Atelier for Young Festival Managers - påmeldingsfrist 31.mars!

EFA opens application process for two Ateliers for Young Festival Managers: BEIRUT 2013 and EDINBURGH 2014

The Atelier - a unique experience

Do you belong to the next generation of artistic festival directors? Do you feel the need to broaden your programming skills, grow your network and get inspired by your peers and experienced forerunners? Are you excited to dig into the cultural and festival life in Ljubljana?

The Atelier for Young Festival Managers is a unique, intense, 7-day training programme initiated by the European Festivals Association.

Motto of the Atelier

The sentence borrowed from Bernard Faivre d’Arcier “The true role of a festival is to help artists to dare, to engage in new pro­jects…” (lecture on the future of festivals in February 2006) is the motto of the Atelier. Particular emphasis is given to the artis­tic aspects of festival management. This touches upon artistic vision, political and social responsi­bility, internationalisation, networking, renewal and sustainability.

A unique programme


  • The Atelier helps emerging directors and focuses on the artistic role of festivals, touching upon all artistic disciplines.
  • The care taken in the selection of 45 young festival managers and ten mentors from all over the world, the hosting cities, venues and the framework is core to providing the group with excellent conditions for personal, in-depth discussions.
  • 7-day intense working space allows young managers to step out of their daily context and enrich it through carefully developed and balanced lectures, workshops, papers, one-to-one conversations and informal talks.
  • distinguished group of mentors develops the programme and guides the participants throughout the week. The effect of the Atelier does not just last for seven days but creates new and enduring networks and a sustainable platform for exchange.
  • While the Atelier is embedded in its host city, an international and global approach allows participants to compare their views with colleagues from different contexts and artistic disciplines.


Festival leaders from all over the world guide the participants through the Atelier under the coordinator of Hugo De Greef (Former EFA Secretary General, General Manager Bruges European Capital of Culture 2002, Founder and former Director Kaaitheater). They are well known for their direction of festivals and artistic programming. Many of them have re-defined the concept of an “excellent festival” by developing completely new festivals or by transforming existing ones. Their experiences – their successes and failures, artistic principles and co-operation projects – are passed on through the Atelier. So far, 28 festival directors from all over the world have taken part in previous Ateliers.


The Atelier is especially designed for those who are working or have ambitions to become in­volved in programming or in programming-related departments within a festival. The Atelier enlarges young festival managers’ personal horizons and their perspective on festivals and programming practices all over the world. It equips them with a new network of international contacts which strengthens the dialogue between these ‘leaders of now and the future’. 172 young festival managers from 52 countries and 28 mentors and presenters from 16 countries have exchanged views and inspired each other so far.

Further information

European Festivals Association
Kleine Gentstraat 46 • 9051 Gent • Belgium
Tel.:+32 9 241 8080 • Fax: +32 9 241 8089 • atelier@efa-aef.eu

tirsdag 19. mars 2013

Fortsatt plass for norske kor!

The Association of Finnish Youth Choirs (Nuorten Kuoroliitto) organises the next international Sympaatti festival in Rovaniemi, Finland on 5–8 December 2013

With events all around wintry Rovaniemi, the festival will focus on the themes of Christmas and Finnish and Sámi music. Sympaatti offers children and adolescents workshops, wonderful concerts, multi-cultural social events and Christmas experiences. An international choir conductor forum will also be held for visiting conductors. And after the Festival there will is possibility to go on concert tour. Concert venues will include Rovaniemi Church, Lappia Hall (if the renovation is completed in time) and Korundi House of Culture. There will also be minor performing opportunities at schools, shopping centres, hospitals, old people’s homes and Santa Park. Accommodation will be available in a variety of forms: family accommodation, hostels or camp centres, and hotels.

One of the most important activity on the festival are the workshops. The famous finnish artists and choir conducters will offer their knowledge to both singers and choir conductors.

Sören Lillkung - Complete Vocal Technique
Singer - actor - choir conducter Sören is a specialist for healthy vocal technique. He asks: Is there anything you can't do with your voice? And he answers: No. Everything is possible as long as you produce the sound with a right technique. So come and explore you own voice and the limitless possibilities it offers!
Sanna Valvanne - Sing and shine
Sanna is widely known childen's and youth choir conducter, who currently lives and works in New York. She will guide you in to the holistic singing experience:
Sing and shine with body and soul.

Ursula Länsman - Joik
Ursula will guide you to the traditional singing of Sami people. You will discover the unique form of cultural expression that can be deeply personal or spiritual in nature.

Participation fees
The amount, here per person, includes accommodation, meals, workshops, the songbook and the guide with the festival programme. Accommodation will be available in a variety of forms: family accommodation, hostels or camp centres, and hotels.

Prices per person:
family accommodation
105 eur
hostel or camp center
150 eur
280 eur

The prices include accommodation from 5th to 8th Dec, all meals, workshops, concerts and the sheet music for the joint repertoire.

Applying choirs must fill in the application form. A link to the form will be posted on the website when the application period begins. A brief CV (max. 1,200 characters) and photos must be enclosed with the application.

Also, foreign choirs are requested to send a recording no more than two years old and about 10 minutes long. The recording may be sent as a sound file by e-mail to nuorten.kuoroliitto@sulasol.fi or by mail on CD or DVD to: Nuorten Kuoroliitto ry, Klaneettitie 6–8, FI-00420 Helsinki, Finland.

mandag 18. mars 2013

Konsert med Kor Læne, Martin Hagfors og Håkon Gebhart!

"Meg og kammeraten min"
 Lørdag 06. april kl. 1600

Brødrene Martin Hagfors og Håkon Gebhardt, tidligere kjent som artistene Martin Hagfors og Håkon Gebhardt, legger framtida bak seg og turnerer nå som Meg og kammeraten min.
Ingenting er bra før det er dårlig for brødrene Hagfors/Gebhardt.
Begge ble kastet ut av musikalsk barnehage fordi de sang for høyt, og ut av mannskoret fordi de sang for lavt.
Nå synger de sammen med Nyborg skoles Kor Læne!

Sted: Kulturbygget ved Byåsen skole.
Salg av kaffe og kaker fra kl 1500.
Bill: kr 100,- Gratis for barn under 13 og ledsagere med bevis
Billettsalg ved inngangen. Kun kontant betaling.

onsdag 13. mars 2013

KOS 2013

Årets korsommerskole blir arrangert i uke 32, 5.-10. august på Kyrkerud folkhögskola i Årjäng i Sverige! Nytt av året, vi har 1 ekstra dag!

I løpet av denne uka deltar sangerne i korworkshops med dyktige instruktører, får undervisning i musikkteori i smågrupper og kan bli med på SUPERKOS og masse annet sosialt. Det hele avsluttes med en hentekonsert for foreldre, venner og familie lørdag 10.august.
På kos har vi 3 workshopgrupper inndelt etter alder: 11-12, 13-15 og fra 16 år og oppover. Hver workshop har sitt eget tema, og sangerne øver frem mot fremføring på hentekonserten. Instruktørene har lang Kos-erfaring og er allsidige og profesjonelle musikere.
I felleskoret øves det inn en eller to sanger som framføres på hentekonserten.
Notelære, Rytmelære, hørelære og lærerens time
Det vil bli gruppeundervisning i de forskjellige teorifagene i tillegg til at "lærerens time" holdes. Innholdet i lærerens time kan variere fra sangteknikk til musikkonkurranse, man vet ikke hva timen inneholder før den starter.
Kos er ikke bare notepugging og utenatlæring, det er også veldig viktig å ha det gøy. På KOS kan man treffe nye (og gamle) venner, vi har grilledag med uteaktiviteter, arrangerer SUPERKOS der alle kan opptre for hverandre om de ønsker, og mye mer.
Når, hvor og hvor mye?
KOS arrangeres 5.-10. august 2013 (uke 32).
Felles bussreise fra Oslo Mandag morgen og avslutning med hentekonsert lørdag.

Kyrkeruds folkhögskola i Årjäng, Sverige

Deltakeravgift: Ung i Kor-medlemmer: 2.700,-
Andre: 2.900,-
Søskenrabatt: 200,- (pr person)
Deltakeravgift inkluderer undervisning, kost og losji (dobbeltrom på internat).
Det er ikke en forutsetning å synge i kor for å delta på KOS 2012, men en fordel å ha sunget litt fra før.
Påmeldingsfrist 1. Juni på hjemmesiden: www.musikk.no/obu
For spørsmål skriv til korkonsulent Veronica på obu@ungikor.com eller ring på tlf. 22 00 56 76

mandag 11. mars 2013

Påmelding til SommerSangUka i Midt-Norge har åpnet!

Ung i Kor Midt-Norge arrangerer hvert år SommerSangUka for sangglade ungdommer fra 11 til 19 år. Den finner sted på Torshus folkehøgskole i Orkdal 5-9 august. Årets tema er POP! 1960-2013.
Deltagerne på SommerSangUka får lære mer om sang, koring og harmonisering, låtskriving, koreografi, sceneformidling, samspill og mye mye mer. Får mer informasjon ta kontakt på ungikor.midtnorge@musikk.no.
Påmelding finner du her .

Bor du i Trøndelag eller Møre og Romsdal og liker å synge? Meld deg på da vel! :)    

torsdag 7. mars 2013

UKO - unge stemmer høres!

Ung i Kor satser på unge sangere/tillitsvalgte

Ung i Kor har i mange år hatt et opplæringsprosjekt 
kalt UKO for ungdom mellom 14 og 20 år.
Prosjektet er todelt ved at det gis en grunnleggende organisasjonsopplæring samt
musikalsk påfyll.

På Ung i Kor sitt landsmøte i Arendal i april avslutter 15 ungdommer fra hele landet sin tid som UKOer. Disse kan nå bli resurspersoner i egne kor eller i regionale og sentrale styrer. Samtidig ønsker vi velkommen 20 nye UKOer som starter på sitt toårige opplæringsløp. De kan glede seg til flotte samlinger rundt i Norge, Norden og Europa!