tirsdag 19. mars 2013

Fortsatt plass for norske kor!

The Association of Finnish Youth Choirs (Nuorten Kuoroliitto) organises the next international Sympaatti festival in Rovaniemi, Finland on 5–8 December 2013

With events all around wintry Rovaniemi, the festival will focus on the themes of Christmas and Finnish and Sámi music. Sympaatti offers children and adolescents workshops, wonderful concerts, multi-cultural social events and Christmas experiences. An international choir conductor forum will also be held for visiting conductors. And after the Festival there will is possibility to go on concert tour. Concert venues will include Rovaniemi Church, Lappia Hall (if the renovation is completed in time) and Korundi House of Culture. There will also be minor performing opportunities at schools, shopping centres, hospitals, old people’s homes and Santa Park. Accommodation will be available in a variety of forms: family accommodation, hostels or camp centres, and hotels.

One of the most important activity on the festival are the workshops. The famous finnish artists and choir conducters will offer their knowledge to both singers and choir conductors.

Sören Lillkung - Complete Vocal Technique
Singer - actor - choir conducter Sören is a specialist for healthy vocal technique. He asks: Is there anything you can't do with your voice? And he answers: No. Everything is possible as long as you produce the sound with a right technique. So come and explore you own voice and the limitless possibilities it offers!
Sanna Valvanne - Sing and shine
Sanna is widely known childen's and youth choir conducter, who currently lives and works in New York. She will guide you in to the holistic singing experience:
Sing and shine with body and soul.

Ursula Länsman - Joik
Ursula will guide you to the traditional singing of Sami people. You will discover the unique form of cultural expression that can be deeply personal or spiritual in nature.

Participation fees
The amount, here per person, includes accommodation, meals, workshops, the songbook and the guide with the festival programme. Accommodation will be available in a variety of forms: family accommodation, hostels or camp centres, and hotels.

Prices per person:
family accommodation
105 eur
hostel or camp center
150 eur
280 eur

The prices include accommodation from 5th to 8th Dec, all meals, workshops, concerts and the sheet music for the joint repertoire.

Applying choirs must fill in the application form. A link to the form will be posted on the website when the application period begins. A brief CV (max. 1,200 characters) and photos must be enclosed with the application.

Also, foreign choirs are requested to send a recording no more than two years old and about 10 minutes long. The recording may be sent as a sound file by e-mail to nuorten.kuoroliitto@sulasol.fi or by mail on CD or DVD to: Nuorten Kuoroliitto ry, Klaneettitie 6–8, FI-00420 Helsinki, Finland.

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