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Korfestival i Hellas, 5.-14.juli 2013

From July 5 to 14, 2013

The International Festival of Karditsa is a leading artistic event in Greece and worldwide due to its unique regulation. The philosophy of the Festival aims not only at the artistic approach but also at a musical-pedagogical, social and even more at a political rapprochement of the different countries of the participating choirs. The steady ambition of the Festival is to promote the choral music and let old monophonic and polyphonic music be discovered by conductors, singers and audience. 

From July 5 to 14, 2013 it will be held the 31th International Festival of Karditsa which is dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) for the 200 years since his birth, Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) for the 100 years since his birth and Richard Wagner (1813-1883) for the 200 years from his birth, who this year celebrates all the choral world.
The Choral Festival of Karditsa, in which have taken place leading choirs from all over the world, great orchestras and prominent soloists, it is organized since 1983 in Karditsa and it is a premier cultural event, that is implemented under the artistic direction of Conductor, Prof. Nikos Efthimiadis. As additional features, it includes a regulation that might be unique on a global scale, because it ensures the simultaneous realization of many first performances on demand by Greek and foreign composers helping on that way the contemporary music creation. Also, it provides a very large number of performers, who come from every corner of Europe and the world.

  The originalities of the Festival in the world are:
1.    The choirs that are taking part are required to present specific works under the control of an International Committee, which is composed of recognized value foreign and Greek conductors, representatives of the various music schools.
At the end of each evening, in a special discussion with the jury, the directors of the choirs receive suggestions for improvement etc.
2.    The choirs are forced ​​to perform and interpret among other works ancient Greek, Byzantine, Gregorian and Modern Greek music.
3.    At the end of each evening, all the choirs’ together or selected members, interpret a work of Greek or foreign composer at first performance, that is conducted every time a member of the International Jury. In this way the conductors and choirs, Greek and foreign, have the opportunity to work together for a better preparation of joint projects, to work laboratory under the direction of distinguished conductors to a very interesting but unknown works reaping many technical benefits, while renewing and their repertoire.
4.    These works of Greek and foreign composers are written by order for the International Festival of Karditsa specifically.
5.    The INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF KARDITSA includes many other events consisting of: evenings of opera, symphonic music, religious music at the monastery of Corona, bands performances, exhibitions of paintings and engravings etc.

For the first time worldwide the Byzantine and ancient Greek music, participate equally with Gregorian chant and Renaissance polyphony.

Another choral obligation is to perform works by 15th and 16th century, so it gives to the choirs the opportunity to study and deepen to the masterpieces of classical polyphony. Apart from the works of romantic composers, they undertake to perform works by contemporary Greek composers and traditional country music.

For the success of the event help the Municipality of Karditsa, the Regional Section of Karditsa (Thessaly), the Metropolis Thessaliotidos and Fanariofersalon, and the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Choirs and Choral Directors.

The Festival is held at the Municipal Theatre of Karditsa including concerts at other sites in the wide area (open theatres, parks, markets, monasteries, sites at “Nikolaos Plasteras” lake, Cathedral of Karditsa etc).

For more information about Regulation and Registration for those who are interested can be addressed to the Secretariat of the Festival:

Kolokotroni and Hydra 38,   
PC 43100 Karditsa
Tel : 24410 - 75440, 24410 – 42896
Fax : 24410 – 21970

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