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7th European Academy for choral conductors

A special masterclass for choral conductors!
The European Academy is a professional masterclass open to experienced conductors and takes places in a coastal city of 
the centre of Italy. Participants will have the chance to 
practice with a high-level choir-in-residence, at their disposal for all the duration of the course. The Academy ends with a concert conducted by the participants. The lecturer, the renowned conductor Nicole Corti from France, will focus 
the masterclass on French, English and Italian repertoire 
of the ‘900. The European Academy is organised by 
Feniarco (Italian Federation of Regional Choral 
Associations) in collaboration with ECA-EC (European Choral Association - Europa Cantat). 

Download the brochure and the application form on www.feniarco.it!

The course
You can apply to the course as active participant or as listener. On the first day of the workshop, the Academy conductor 
will select, among the active participants, 16 conductors, 
who will be divided into two levels: first course (8 
participants) and advanced course (8 participants). All the 
other participants will attend the Academy as listeners. 
The criteria for selection and subdivision will be the 
curriculum vitae (it has to be attached to the application 
form), the age and one’s performance during the first conducting session. Active participants will have the chance 
to practice every day with a high-level choir-in-residence, at their disposal for the whole duration of the course. At the end of the study activities, on Saturday night, a concert will be conducted by the best course conductors.

Singers interested in joining the choir-in-residence may 
submit their applications by 31st May 2013 by sending an e-mail to info@feniarco.it accompanied by a music curriculum vitae and a recording containing the performance, in their 
vocal register, of a choral piece of their own choice. By the 
end of June they will be informed of the results. The participation fee will be paid after the communication of 
being part of the choir-in-residence.

Music programme and artistic contents
The course will develop through different themes, 
focusing mainly on the following contents:
  • analysis and study of a cappella modern pieces,
    paying particular attention to the music from the
    French, English and Italian repertoire of the ‘900
  • rehearsal method
  • performance and choral conducting method
  • vocal technique and vocal health
The programme will consist of choral pieces such as Stabat mater by Francis Poulenc, Poèmes Franciscains (excerpts) 
by Joseph-Ermend Bonnal, Requiem (excerpts) by Gabriel Fauré and other pieces written by English and Italian composers of that period.

Conductors or listeners willing to participate to the Academy can download the complete brochure and the application form on www.feniarco.it!

Deadline for application is 31st May 2013
Nicole Corti
Orchestra and choir conductor, Nicole Corti is a passionate and skilled pedagogue. In 1974, she founded the Irigny’s Music School and in 1984 a female ensemble, the Choeur Britten. Thanks to her background and to this choir, she has acquired a world-renowned reputation as a musician, and her actions and performances have been praised by composers, audiences and critics. 

Among other important works, from 1993 to 2006, Nicole Corti was artistic director at the choral school Maîtrise de Notre-Dame de Paris. In this legendary and fascinating place, she was in charge of the increasing of the musical activity in the liturgical area as well as of the programming of concerts and recordings. She promoted the studying of a wide repertoire, from the Baroque to contemporary music. She also conducted the national tribute at President Mitterand’s funeral in January 1996. 

Her work in Paris did not prevent her from carryi ng on her activities with the Choeur Britten, regularly performing in France and abroad, and from pursuing her teaching and pedagogue activities in many music schools. Since 2008, Nicole Corti has been teaching choir conducting at the National Academy of Music and Ballet in Lyon. 

On two occasions the quality of her work has been honored by the School of Fine Arts with the Liliane Bettencourt Prize for choral singing: in 2002 for the work with the Maîtrise de Notre-Dame de Paris and in 2010 with the Choeur Britten. She has been appointed to the rank of Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite.


Via Altan 49
S. Vito al Tagliamento, Pn
33078, Italy
+39 0434 876724


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