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Dra til Italia på "singing week" i sommer!

A singing week not to be missed!
Next to the seaside and close to the beautiful Venice and the evocative Trieste, this summer singing week will host 6 
atelier open to choirs, conductors, individual choir members and music lovers!
Every evening there will be concerts, introduced by open singing, and all participants are invited to join this magical atmosphere and enjoy the music.
At the end of the week each atelier will perform in a final concert.
Alpe Adria Cantat is organised by Feniarco (Italian 
Federation of Regional Choral Associations) in collaboration with ECA-EC (European Choral Association - Europa Cantat).
Download the brochure and the application form on

Atelier for individual singers and choirs

Conductor: Luigi Leo (IT)
Put together the joy of singing in a choir, the thrill of being together, of meeting children and young people from 
different cultures, add a pinch of euphoria and you get an explosive mixture. In this workshop you will learn songs 
with a captivating rhythm and you will not only sing, but 
move and shake! The conductors who accompany the 
children will take part in this whirlwind of experiences in 
the frontline!

Conductor: Fabio Lombardo (IT)
Discovering the great Claudio Monteverdi and his contemporaries by focusing on aspects of the performing technique in relation to the style and the performers. The Magnificat II of 1641 and the Missa a 4 voci da cappella of 1650 are two of the pieces that will be studied. Both 
individual singers and already formed vocal groups can participate at the workshop.

Conductor: André J. Thomas (US)
This workshop will help participants learn how to sing, 
teach and conduct both Spirituals and Gospel Music with 
one of the most famous expert, André Thomas. His book 
Way Over in Beulah Lan’ Understanding and performing 
the Negro Spiritual has become a primary source for 
scholars, teachers, and performers. Participants will actively perform with authenticity and they will leave with an unforgettable store of knowledge!

Conductor: Rainer Held (CH)
We will dive into the Romantic music through interesting works by not too famous composers (Draeseke) placed side by side with the masterpieces for choir a cappella in four- and five-part scores of the great masters such as Mendelssohn, Reger, Brahms and Schoeck. The songs will include the sacred and profane repertoire and the languages will be Latin, German and Rhaeto-Romance (Ladin).

Conductor: Rogier IJmker (NL)
Most pop songs are about love and may seem to be superficial, but underneath there lies some true difficulties and challenges to deal with. In this atelier you will discover some new pieces, interesting lyrics and original arrangements. The main goal this week is to get groovy: pop music is all about groove and rhythm! When the groove is in your body then singing will be a unique experience!

Conductor: Silvana Noschese (IT)
Voices, sounds, dances and instruments! A strong bond will bring together cultural expressions from different countries, some more known and others at risk of disappearing. Songs related to particular traditions, ceremonies, moments of life and celebrations, from Africa to India, from European sounds to the sounds of South America in a wide variety of timbres and colours.
Alpe Adria Cantat 2013 is waiting for you!
Alpe Adria Cantat is a summer singing week, that stems from the need to offer to all the lovers of the choral nation­al and international world, an opportunity of learning, confronting and sharing of experiences in the context of a study holiday.
Children can meet young singers of different nations and regions together with their conductors, adults can be involved in the
over­whelming atmosphere of the world choral music, choose the con­tagious sound of spirituals and gospel music, or indulge in the pleasant vocal pop and jazz music. The most traditional singers have the opportunity to choose between the classic themes of Ro­mantic music and the Venetian school, deepened by internation­ally renowned conductors. There is something to suit everybody’s fancy!
Together with the studying activities, every choir can perform, giv­ing to the other participants and to the public the best of its
rep­ertoire, of the joy to sing and to listen. The concerts will be organ­ised in the Villaggio Ge.Tur., a comfortable setting of the many ac­tivities of the singing week, and also in the Friuli Venezia Giulia
Re­gion and in the Veneto Region, in cities rich of historical and artis­tic beauties.
In few words, a study holiday and also an occasion to recharge of ideas and enthusiasm for a new year of choral singing.


Via Altan 49
S. Vito al Tagliamento, Pn
33078, Italy
+39 0434 876724


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