mandag 22. april 2013

Urban Youth Choir Festival, June 14-20 201

Urban Youth Choir Festival is a youth event which we hope shall become a lasting feature in the culture life of the Örebro Region. For the first time in Europe we are presenting a festival for young people, where the joy and feeling from the dancing floor or the cheering crowd on a football ground are tied with organized choir singing. Do YOU love music such as r’n’b, indie, singer/songwriter, hip hop, punk or some other form of music? Then YOU have the chance to experience something new. In June 14-20 2013 in Örebro, Sweden young people from different cultural background and varying musical level of skill will get together to experience and perform Urban Youth Choir Music! We provide challenges for YOU who is an experienced singer/performer with a band or from auditions. And YOU who is inexperienced but still want to sing and hang out with a cool crowd are equally welcome.

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