onsdag 17. april 2013

Musikk- og dansefestival i Hellas

International music and dance festival “ORFEJ”- Vatopedi Greece,  June 4 to June 9, 2013

 For ensembles of all categories of music and dance from 6 to 66 years!

1.1 Registration:
Deadline for registration to participate in the festival is 20.05.2013 (date of receipt).
The following application documents must be provided by the closing date 20.05.2013
a) The fully completed registration forms. When filling in these forms, please use Latin letters;
b) The proof of bank transfer covering the application fee.
c) A short biography of the group, digitally if possible;
d) A photo of the group in a form suitable for reproduction (oblong, minimum 12 x 7,5 cm, preferably as computer file with minimum 300 dpi for computer file).

2. Costs:
2.1. Application fee:
The application fee for the participation in the festival amounts 200 € per group (ensemble) and for each category chosen. This participation is part of the accommodation costs. The application fee must be made payable in full to TA ORFEJ – Skopje and is due immediately on registration. Any banking costs that arise must be paid by the applicant. If a group cancels its appearance of its own accord, it will have no right to a refund.

2.2. Length of Stay / Accommodation: OLYMPICO BIANCO HOTEL
Standard class: Hotel , rooms with 3 or 4 beds included breakfast, lunch  and dinner =  110 euro per  person for the 5 nights. The total cost  must be paid to TA ORFEJ  on the day of arriving  on the festival, before the entries in the rooms.

2.3. Travel expenses
The travel to and from the Festival have to be organised by the groups (their participants and accompanying persons) themselves. Travel expenses are borne by the participating groups themselves.

3. Languages of Correspondence:
We would like to ask you for your understanding that only the  English versions of documents such as announcements, offers etc are legally binding.

4. Contact addresses of organisers:
For the organisation of the festival and for your application, please contact only the address mentioned below (application, enquiries, phone calls, faxes and any other kind of correspondence):

Organizer: ART TOURISM & ECOLOGY - Skopje
Tel/fax + 389 2 2436324; +389 70 227556; +389 70 277853;
Tel/fax + 389 2 3118 602

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