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World Peace Choral festival

World Peace Choral Festival 2013
July 29th to August 1st 2013, Vienna, Austria

From July 29th to August 1st 2013, Vienna, the world capital of music, will be once again the stage for children's and youth choirs from all around the world. Under the slogan "Coming together to sing, singing for a better future," the young participants will promote world peace by means of their music. The World Peace Choral Festival is aiming at enhancing intercultural understanding and communication in order to produce mutual respect and harmony.

The festival's highlights will include the opening ceremony in the Vienna City Hall, performances in front of the Royal Schonbrunn Palace and the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, special concerts in churches and community culture centers, gala concerts in the world-famous Golden Hall of the Musikverein, where also the New Year's Concert with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra takes place on Jan. 1st of each year.

Let's sing hand in hand for world peace! All choirs are welcome to join in the "Celebration" category (non-competitive) of the festival! Workshops coached by the conductors of the Vienna Boys' choir will be provided to the choirs choosing this category. Let's try our best for world peace! The festival will open the new category "Competition". Choirs participating in this category will be judged by a jury consisting of internationally renowned choral masters.

Aside the rich artistic activities guided by the Artistic Committee, leisure programs including an open-air barbecue party with enchanting atmosphere will give the young singers a chance to get to know new cultures, traditions and make new friends from all parts of the world. No matter how different our languages might be, the languages of music and dancing are universal and have the power to connect.

In the course of the festival, the Artistic Committee under the leadership of Gerald Wirth, artistic director of the Vienna Boys' Choir, will select particularly gifted singers for the World Peace Choir again. In the coming years, the choir should travel around the globe to give concerts promoting world peace. The first tour is planned to travel to China in 2013.
The World Peace Choral Festival welcomes you!

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