fredag 11. januar 2013

Festival i Hellas

II-nd International choir festival “Music&sea”
17-22.09.2013 in Paralia, Greece

The International choir festival "Music & sea" takes place annually in the second half
of September in the beautiful town of Paralia, Greece. The Festival does not have
competitive character and the main concept of the same is joining music, vacation,
friendship and fun. The idea of the Festival is to bring the music closer to the
people and to present the music on the streets and the squares. All choir ensembles,
regardless of the members gender and age can apply for participation at the Festival. 
Deadline for registration to participate in the festival is 30.07.2013

Organizer: MAG-culture&experience & Jeunesses Musicales
+389 2 3117882 tel/fax +389 70 227556 mob

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