fredag 25. januar 2013

One Earth Choir

Your Voice for One Earth Choir on the 21. February

up to day: 218'805 Voices from 48 Countries
one common Language on Earth, represented by Music

Join us for the One Earth Choir 2013

          One day – 21. 02. every year
             One hour – 11.00 Greenwich mean time                Seven continents, people in cities wherever
                   One global video transmission
                      Choirs schools theatres orchestras companies associations & you
                         will sing - perform - listen together the same music simultaneously,
                             conducted by the same conductor

The Music ÌNIN of the One Earth Choir ----> Listen
The Conductor: a Scientist: The Conductor Ervin Laszlo speaking to all the Choirs
after the first Event on the 21.02.2012 ---> See
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