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European Award for Choral Composers (EACC)

Ønsker du å delta med en eller flere komposisjoner i European Award for Choral Composers, må du sende bidraget via oss innen 27. februar 2012.

Attached you will find the rules and regulations for the new European Award for Choral Composers which is the successor to the successful Golden Tuning Fork Award, run since 1988 by AGEC. The award, which was also shortly presented at our General Assembly, will have three different categories: 

(a) a cappella choir (classical)
(b) choir accompanied by up to four instrument (classical)
(c) jazz composition for a cappella choir or choir accompanied by up to three instruments. 

Only member organisations of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat may submit compositions until March 1st 2012, and the winning compositions will be premiered at the EUROPA CANTAT XVIII festival in Turin in 2012. 

If you have got further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

1. Organization

  • The competition for the EACC is held every year. 
  • The announcement of the competition will be made by the ECA-EC as well as by the national and regional member federations. 
  • Choral compositions can only be nominated by a national or regional federation, member of ECAEC, and have to be sent in PDF format to the office of the ECA-EC before the 1st of March 2012. 
  • A composition which has received an award in any other competition, may not be submitted. It may, however, have been performed and/or published.  
  • A composition may not be entered for this competition more than twice. 
  • The submitted compositions have to be accompanied by the artistic curriculum of the composer, 
  • mentioning his or her date of birth and the year when the work was written, and the duration of the piece. 
  • The office distributes the received scores to the members of the jury anonymously. (ie without the composer’s name, sex, age or nationality)   
  • The jury examines the scores, taking its decisions before the end of the current year. The results will be communicated immediately to the participating federations.  

2. The competitors and their works 

  • Each composition can be submitted to one of the following three categories: 
  1. choir a cappella (classical) 
  2. choir accompanied by up to four instrument (classical)
  3. a jazz composition for choir a cappella or accompanied by up to three instruments. 
  • All compositions should be able to be performed by good average choirs.  
  • Up to three works in each category can be nominated by the same choral federation, composed by one or different authors within the past five years. 
  • The choice of the text is free, on the condition that the composer is formally authorized by the author or editor to use this text (if appropriate). 
  • Every choral formation from three to eight vocal parts is possible (mixed or equal voices). 
  • The performance time of a composition is limited between minimum three and maximum nine minutes.  

3. The jury and the quotation

  • The admitted compositions are quoted by a jury of minimum four members, together with the president of the ECA music commission (five members overall), all choral conductors or composers.  
  • The jury will deliberate and decide amongst themselves, the winner of each category. There will be a winner for each section (1), (2) and (3). The jury reserves the right not to nominate a winner in any of the categories. 
  • The jury has the right of interpretation of the rules in case of unforeseen elements. 
  • The decision of the jury is final and cannot be challenged. 

4. Awards

  • Each awarded work will be performed at least once by the good care of the national of regional federation of its origin and this before the end of the year following the year of awarding. 
  • By the good care of the ECA-EC each awarded work will be programmed within a reasonable term by the EuroChoir and/or at another choral event organized by ECA-EC or one of its members.   
  • ECA-EC will use their best endeavours to promote the publication and the spreading of the awarded scores.  

5. Acceptance agreement

  • The board of ECAEC as well as the participating national and regional federations and the participating composers accept the rules of the European Award for Choral Composers as a whole. 

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