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Konkuranse i Valmiera (Latvia)

10-11  March  2012, Valmiera, Latvia

1. The aim of the festival:
  • to attract the audience of young people to traditions of chorus singing,
  • to promote a capella singing traditions in Latvia,
  • to make contacts of co-operation and friendship with other choir staffs from other cities, villages abroad.

2. The organizers of the festival: Valmiera State Gymnasium, the youth choir
BONUS with the support of Valmiera City Council.

3. The participants of the festival:
Group A – youth choirs (age untill 28)
Group B -  school choirs
Group C – ensembles (3-16 participants)

4. The place of the festival: Valmiera State Gymnasium, Valmiera Culture Centre, St.Simon’s Church.

5. The programme of the festival:

10 March
12pm – 5pm             Arrival of contestants. Rehearsal.
6pm                          Concert-competition – Valmiera Culture Centre.
9pm                          Party for the participants.

11 March
10am – 12pm            Rehearsals at Valmiera St. Simon’s Church.
1pm                           Concert of sacred church music at Valmiera St. Simon’s

In your free time excursions will be arranged around the city
Valmiera and its neighbourhood.

6. The repertoire of the festival:

10 March
Competition – each choir presents 3 songs a capella, the time of the
performance not exceeding 12 minutes.

11 March  
Each choir performs 2 sacred songs.

7. The repertoire of the joint choir  will be available  in webpage of                      
 Valmiera State Gymnasium from 10 January

8. Estimation:
The International jury will take the following into consideration:
1. Technique of the performance
2. Artistic abilities
3. Dramatic art.

More information:

Mr. Janis Zemlickis, Headmaster of Valmiera State Gymnasium    
phone +371 29105610

Ms. Sanda Deisone, International Coordinator in Valmiera City Council
Phone +371 26423333

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